The Country Cries for Truth: Dr. Bronwyn Bancroft

Ngullingah Jugun Cries For Truth 1, 2024 Digger’s Camp, Lionsville c 1872, Dr Bronwyn Bancroft

A new exhibition, The Country Cries for Truth, explores the work of Bundjalung artist, Dr Bronwyn Bancroft, produced in 2021-22 as part of the inaugural NSW First Nations Creative Fellowship at the State Library of NSW.

Cherokee Lord (Curator), Indigenous Engagement, State Library of NSW notes the exhibition is a ‘celebration of Dr Bronwyn Bancroft’s family and their ongoing connection to Bundjalung Country’ and one that ‘calls for us to pause and consider the devastation of colonisation for Aboriginal people, and to remember the complex and painful legacies of this history which still live in Country.’

Dr Bancroft notes:

I think The Country Cries for Truth title is actually interconnected with the struggle of Aboriginal people across this country and the tears are real. You know, the tears of pain, the tears of anguish, the tears of displacement, the tears of togetherness, the tears of triumph, there can be happy tears and there can be sad tears.

When: 1 June 2024 to 1 June 2025
Where: Exhibition Galleries at State Library of NSW, 1 Shakespeare Place, Sydney NSW 2000
Entry: Free


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