First Nations Speaker Series – May 2023

Graphic for the First Nations Speaker Series

First Nations Speaker Series, presented by Sydney Living MuseumsGML Heritage and the Research Centre for Deep History at the Australian National University

GML Heritage, Museums of History NSW and the Research Centre for Deep History at the Australian National University present the First Nations Speaker Series with guest speaker Emeritus Professor John Maynard on ‘Fight for Liberty and Freedom’ on 11 May 2023

This talk will examine the rise of the first united all Aboriginal political organisation, the Australian Aboriginal Progressive Association (AAPA), which formed in Australia in 1924. The formation of the AAPA provides an opportunity to understand the motivations, influence, inspiration, and political platform of this early Aboriginal political movement including international influences that kindled solidarity with global anti-colonial political movements.

In the wake of WWI and into the 1920s the world was in a state of upheaval – empires were collapsing and many oppressed people were clamouring for freedom. The legacy and memory of these brave early Aboriginal activists from nearly one hundred years ago remains to encourage and inspire our people and all those who support us that the fight for Aboriginal rights and justice in this country goes on and we can draw strength from our past.

When: Thursday 11 May 2023, 6pm–7pm
Where: Museum of Sydney, Corner Phillip and Bridge streets, Sydney. Free, registrations recommended.
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