A History of Aboriginal Political Thought 2017


Jack Patten reads the resolution at the Day of Mourning Conference on 26 January 1938: 'We, representing the Aborigines of Australia…on the 150th Anniversary of the whitemen’s seizure of our country, hereby make protest against the callous treatment of our people…and we appeal to the Australian nation of today…for full citizen status and equality within the community.' (Man, March 1938 - Mitchell Library, State Library of NSW - MLQ059/9)[http://www.aiatsis.gov.au/collections/exhibitions/dayofmourning/26jan.html]

A History of Aboriginal Political Thought is a five week course taught by Paula Jane Byrne at WEA Sydney. The course concentrates on Aboriginal political perspectives since 1788. It deals with Aboriginal readings of the state and its role in people’s lives which at times incorporates non – Aboriginal people as well. Influences drawn on and rejected are discussed as well as Aboriginal analyses of history. It relies on printed and some documentary sources.

When: Tuesday 9 May – Tuesday 6 June 2017, 2:30-4:30pm (5 sessions, 10 hours total)

Where: WEA Sydney, 72 Bathurst Street, Sydney

Cost: $158 Full Price /  $142 Concession




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