Yerr Wetimbi yi Yerr Marrgu / Old Way & New Way

Kieren Karripul, 'Sun Man', 102.5 x 110.5 cm, acrylic on linen, courtesy The Cross Art Projects

The foundation for the exhibition Yerr Wetimbi yi Yerr Marrgu / Old Way & New Way is deceptively simple: linguist and artist / weaver Patricia Marfurra has made a huge and magical woven fishnet which Kieren Karritpul translates into delicate abstract paintings.

The “old way and new way” working relationship between mother and son however reveals a shared commitment to sustainability and community. Patricia Marfurra’s woven and Kieren Karritpul’s¬†painted tributes honour the teachings of their ancestors and demonstrate the way strong cultural connections in daily life can be maintained.

When: 30 March to 27 April 2019
Where: The Cross Art Projects, 8 Llankelly Place, Kings Cross


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