BLACKBOOKS relaunched

Classrooms above the courtyard at Tranby (Image courtesy Tranby Aboriginal Co-operative Limited(

The team at BLACKBOOKS (a division of Tranby Aboriginal Co-operative Limited est. 1957) is proud to celebrate and share their first steps into the online e-commerce space with two publications now available direct through and as eBooks across all formats:

THROUGH OLD EYES Poems by Uncle Wes Marne

NANGAMAY MANA DJURALI dream gather grow First Nations Australia LGBTQIA+ Poetry

BLACKBOOKS’ mission is ‘Sharing Stories Telling Truths’. BLACKBOOKS is led by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander content creators, cultural producers and community-led development organisations. It is the only City of Sydney NSW-based, First Nations-owned community publisher proactively working across the literary sector and publishing supply chains to resource and serve our communities while building our social and cultural enterprise. BLACKBOOKS was originally established in 1982 and was relaunched in 2022 as a social enterprise with profits going into Aboriginal community controlled education and community development programs.


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