Stargazing at the AGNSW

Image courtesy Redfern Community Centre.

Astrophysicist Kirsten Banks joins journalist Jan Fran to explore the constellations present in our night sky and in the art featured in the Under the Stars exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW. Looking at the cosmos from both an Indigenous and Western perspective, Kirsten unpacks some of the formations that we have gazed up at for thousands of years.

Taking a transhistorical approach, Under the Stars presents stargazing and mapping by Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists, highlighting the commonalities and connections in our shared attempts to understand the night sky and our place in relation to it.

Art After Hours Online will be live-streamed from the Art Gallery of NSW directly to your home via their Facebook and YouTube channels.

When: Wednesday 16 September 2020, 7.30pm
Where: via the Art Gallery of NSW’s Facebook and YouTube channels.



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